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Look at me! - Little Dreamer
Life is but a dream...

Date: 2006-11-10 14:09
Subject: Look at me!
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I'm interesting, really I am!  Well, maybe not.  But I want to be!  Well, maybe not.  Heh.  Joined the "add me 25+" community (I can't remember how to do that so that it's a link) and some of the people over there really ARE so interetsing!  I am almost afraid to add them tho, cuz they will come over here and go, "so"?  lol  Actually, that had never been something I thought about before.  Who read my journal, etc.  It was just my space to ramble or not.  I didnt have to work to be interesting, cuz I didnt care if I was.  

Really, tho.  Gotta fill out the profile, Ihave never gone this long without at least that.  And pictures!!!  What is UP with no userpics?? 

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Wonder Woman
User: pxyjuice
Date: 2006-11-11 02:03 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)

Hey, you dont know me but Im Colleen, Im 21, married, and have a 10 month old daughter, Im also an Admin. Assistant on A-Mommys-World.

We are looking for new members, and if you are interested then come check us out. Its a site with tons of forums on every topic you can think of,(from birth clubs and parenting styles to movies, music, games, and sports) plus photo galleries, quizzes, contests, debates, and so much more.

Come check us out, and tell them pxyjuice sent you.

**Also, feel free to friend me here on livejournal - just give me a heads up and Ill friend you back! I love meeting new people.**
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