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Little Dreamer

Life is but a dream...

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Trying to think of something pithy and clever and *interesting* to say here about myself, but not even sure what I want to share. I have been indigobynight, indigogrrl, burningwoman and several anonymous people on LJ before, and left each of those behind as I moved thru life, as my life changed and as I changed. Maybe I should keep them all in one place, one flowing into the other, but...it never seems to fit when I try that. I like this new space, I like the change of direction (even if it's just a short jog down a side road), I like the feel of a new journal when I feel my life is moving and in flux. I like starting with a blank slate. So, here I am. A blank.

The one thing I will say is that, regardless of the name on the journal, whether I write under indigo or dreams, this is *me*. I don't censor myself, period. And I do talk about everything and anything, real life, wanna-be life, dreams, desires, hopes, fears, daily stuff, all the good and all the bad. Sometimes it can be a wild ride. ;-) And sometimes it is just plain boring. lol