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Ssshh. - Little Dreamer
Life is but a dream...

Date: 2006-11-08 09:51
Subject: Ssshh.
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It's a quiet day so far. Looking at candidates, calling people. I do like recruiting, it's fun to talk to people about their work, their lives; fun to offer people jobs. The guys I work with...hmm. I don't know. But more about them in bits and pieces, I am sure.

I am at a quiet space in my life right now. Quiet (for the most part) in my head, quiet in my activities. No big drama, no rollercoasters, it is all good.

Don't know why I didnt go back to burningwoman; maybe just want to be a bit anonymous. Quiet. (See a theme here, eh?)

Writing, reading, WoW, riding, knitting. Trying to love myself. Be a good parent. That's all.
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